how to find solar quotes in Australia

How To Find Solar Quotes in Australia

In the UK, getting solar quotes is as easy as going to your local energy company and asking them. In Australia, it’s a little more complicated. One option for getting solar quotes is to go online and ask for quotes from multiple companies. Another option is to use the Australia energy portal on the Australian Energy Market Commission website which allows you to compare prices from different providers.


If you’re interested in going solar, it’s important to find out how much your system will pay back over time so that you know if it’s worth going through with it. The best way to do this is by using a calculator like those provided by Solar Choice or Solar Choice. The calculator helps you to understand how much money you will save over time and what the payback period is for your system. You’ll also be able to see if the solar panels are worth it based on your electricity usage and your local electricity rates.

The calculator provided by Solar Choice will tell you exactly how much a solar panel system would cost and how those costs differ depending on what type of panels you choose and the location where they are installed. It also includes warranty information, the length of time you can expect to keep your panels, and how much energy you can expect to produce.


Cost Breakdown for Solar Panels in Australia


The average cost for solar panel systems in Australia is A$4,500 – A$5,500 per kW. The average price for solar power averages out to around $3/watt. That means that a 6 kW system will cost around $18,000 and a 10 kW system will cost around $30,000. For large systems, you can expect them to cost around $4-500 more per kW. The solar panels themselves only make up about a third of the total price for solar power in Australia, and the rest is installation costs and the cost of other equipment like inverters and batteries.

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