La Haute Spray On Skinny Jeans

Skinny Jeans

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Sweethearts, if you’re looking to be fashionable, but you also want to lose weight too, look no further than the La Haute suede jeans from Aéropostale. These skinny jeans are inspired by the French phrase, “haute couture.” “Couture” is a French word meaning “to dress,” and haute couture is a style of fashion that is characterized by precision, skill, and detail. This flashy new pair of jeans will grab the attention of everyone you walk by, but you’ll look great, and you’ll lose weight, too.

La Haute, a Santa Monica-based company, has developed a spray-on denim solution so quick and convenient that, when worn, it literally feels like you’re wearing nothing. Their process turns cotton denim into a gel-like substance that, when applied to the jeans, is compressed and “gelled” into an ultra-thin, stretchy material that allows for the wearing of the jeans with a form-fitting material.

While the process sounds gimmicky, the jeans do look cool, and the thought of wearing them to cut down on those panty lines may be enough to get you to buy a pair. Continue reading to learn how these innovative jeans are made. Nothing feels better than slipping into a new pair of jeans. They fit like they were made for you, and you feel beautiful and confident. But, what if those jeans don’t fit right? What if you accidentally put on the wrong size, and your thighs are still too wide, and the crotch area looks odd?

Skinny Jeans

La Haute is a lifestyle brand that creates unique, fashion-forward pieces specifically made for the female form. The La Haute Skinny Jeans are the first of their kind! Utilizing a combination of stretch fabrication, compression technology, and a custom compression fit, La Haute jeans will hug your curves like no other. Style is not just about how you look, but how you feel and the confidence it gives you. Injecting some colour into your wardrobe can go a long way to enhancing your look. La Haute sprays on skinny jeans are a super stylish way to up your wardrobe game. Inject colour and style into your outfit with La Haute spray-on skinny jeans. La Haute laser jeans are a revolutionary spray-on product. Made from a carefully curated range of pigments and additives, La Haute laser jeans are the ultimate style accessory.

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