What Is Dump Truck Training?

What Is Dump Truck Training?

A dump truck training is given to operate and manage a dump truck properly. Without this training, a dump truck operator may not know – how to load and unload materials. To avoid accidents and to perform perfect tasks efficiently, this training is important.


What Are The Basic Requirements For This Training?


1) A person should be at least 18 years of age.

2) The person should understand and speak Australian English.

3) He should have a driver’s license. A heavy vehicle license is preferred.

4) A clean police record is also required.


How A Person Can Become A Dump Truck Operator


1) A heavy rigid license is required. (RIIMPO338E)

2) A certificate II in Surface Extraction Operations can be earned.

3) You have to clear a medical exam.


What Is Taught In The Training?


1) First of all, the training explains how to load trucks and how they can reach their destination safely.


2) A dump truck driver should know – how to operate various types of dump trucks. The truck operator must know – how to tilt the truck and how to unload it.


3) It’s a dump truck driver’s duty to maintain his vehicle/truck. So, he has to inspect the truck’s brakes, oil, tires, engine, and lights.

4) A dump truck operator should be well-aware of the safety guidelines. Because dump trucks are heavy and an operator must know how to drive them safely.


5) Dump truck’s starting functions and the process of stopping the vehicle are also taught in the training.


6) Before loading a truck, the driver must read the documents and clearance papers. He should keep a driver log.


7) A dump truck operator should also know – what kind of materials he is loading in his truck. In short, the training teaches all the responsibilities of a dump truck driver.

Where Does A Dump Truck Driver Get Jobs?

A dump truck is required in many places. Mining sectors, industrial sectors, construction sites, and demolition sites require dump trucks. Apart from that, residential and other commercial sites may also need dump trucks.


Why Should You Complete A Dump Truck Training?

1) The training makes you an efficient dump truck driver. Big companies always hire trained drivers. Hence, you can earn more by completing this training.


2) Australian dump trucks are of many types. The training teaches you everything about these dump trucks. As a result, you can maintain and operate your truck easily.


3) Before reaching an actual site, the training introduces you to a test site. So, you develop a clear idea. Therefore, it becomes easier for you to load and unload dump trucks.

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