What is a body on body massage?

What is a body on body massage?

A body-on-body massage is a type of massage – one that utilizes the bare skin of the masseuse and their own body – as opposed to using massage oil or lotion. This form of massage allows for the muscles to be massaged deeply by utilizing leverage, one’s own body weight, and strategic placement of limbs.


In order to perform a proper body-on-body massage, it is essential for both the client and therapist to undress for this session. In many circumstances, clients who receive a body-on-body massage are draped over the table with nothing but underwear remaining on their bodies. Undergarments typically remain in place at all times during this style of massage; however, they do fall off mid-massage in some circumstances.


During a body-on-body massage, the masseuse typically straddles their client and glides up and down along their spine. They may also utilize deep kneading motions or even gentle tapping to release tension from muscles that have been overworked from stress or physical labour.

Woman at a day spa getting a back massage . Shallow depth of field. Left hand in motion.

In order for this type of massage to be successful, it is essential for both parties to communicate openly with each other about how they wish the massage to proceed. In many cases, therapists will ask clients questions such as “Does this feel good?” or “Do you want more pressure?” This ensures that everyone present feels respected while receiving the therapeutic benefits of an Adelaide body on body massage.


The therapist should try not to move too fast or too slow. The motions should be slow and smooth but firm.


The therapist is responsible for washing their hands before they begin the body-on-body massage session in order to prevent contaminating either party with any type of bacteria that may have been picked up from another client during the day. The therapist should also dry their hands so that they do not transfer excess moisture onto their client’s skin, which could result in irritation.


A body-on-body massage can help soothe sore muscles after a hard day spent moving heavy furniture, gardening, mowing the lawn, etc. This type of massage is particularly effective when performed by a masseuse who specializes in deep tissue work. This is because they have to reach into tight muscle tissue and release tension over a large area. While the therapist is not expected to work hard enough to leave their client sore after a body-on-body massage, it is highly possible for the client to experience some muscle fatigue as a result of this session.


Therapists should take care not to rest too closely on any bony parts of their client’s body – such as the hips or shoulders – especially if they are quite overweight.


In addition, therapists must be cognizant of the fact that gravity will affect both them and their clients during this type of massage session. Therefore, they should take time before beginning their session to ensure that all positions are comfortable and appropriate for both parties involved. In some circumstances, cushions may need to be utilized in order to ensure that the client is positioned comfortably while receiving a body-on-body massage.

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