Who Are Somfy Australia?

Who Are Somfy Australia?

Somfy provides external home automation solutions. Your lights, blinds, curtains, awnings, roller shutters, external screens, etc can be motorized by Somfy.

They use the latest technology to manufacture their motors. Hence, Somfy has become one of the best home automation system providers in Australia and all over the world.

How Can Somfy Make Your Home Smart?

1) Smart Control System

Somfy’s control system is truly advanced. They use sensors to control your blinds and awnings. So, you don’t have to shut your blinds at night. Somfy’s sensors will automatically open or close your blinds. Apart from that, Somfy has a remote control with RTS technology. You can open or close all the curtains in your house by pushing only one button on the remote. Moreover, you can program all the curtains, roller blinds, and roller shutters. As a result, Somfy will control all of them without your regular instructions.

2) Multiple Products

Somfy has many types of products in their store. They have silent motors, remote controls, and wireless RTS. Their motors are equipped with a battery. Hence, these motors can even control small curtains. Somfy’s curtain motors are equally impressive. They also have an outdoor light controlling system. Hence, you can control the outdoor lights in your house remotely.

3) Great Support Team

This home automation company can advise you about different automation systems. Their team is experienced and they are an expert. The Somfy team can install all the motors and they can connect them. This means you wouldn’t have to worry about any technical problems. Somfy’s qualified team is always there to help you.

4) Protects Your Home

Somfy has an App for your smartphone. You can control your blinds, curtains, lights, and roller shutters through this app. Sometimes, you may not be at your home. In that case, you can close all the curtains and roller shutters of your home through your smartphone. You can turn on and turn off your home’s lights. Thus, you can showcase your presence at home. As a result, burglars won’t dare to break into your house.

5) Saves Energy Bills

Somfy’s programmable home automation can help you to save energy. The roller blinds can insulate your home in a better way. If you program your blinds, then the blinds can insulate your home at the right time. You can also control the blinds and curtains through voice commands. Hence, with Somfy, you can insulate your home and you can save energy bills.

Why Somfy and DIY-Blinds Are A Great Combination?

Somfy’s smart technology and DIY-Blinds’ high-quality blinds can make your life easy. DIY-Blinds is a Somfy Australia based company and they produce superb blinds. ‘DIY-Blinds’ comes at an affordable price and you can install these blinds yourself. If you use Somfy’s advanced home automation technology with these blinds, then you will enjoy a luxurious home.

So, visit DIY-Blinds’ website and find out – how you can make your DIY Blinds smart. (www.diyblinds.com.au)


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